When I tell friends about my cycling vacations, their first reaction is that I must be an athlete. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I consider myself the “un-athlete”. So why do I take biking vacations?

Here are some of my reasons:
1. Even “un-athletes” can ride a bike. It just takes practice.
2. You can see so much more on a bicycle. Imagine reaching the top of a hill to see a view of the Austrian Alps in the distance. On a bicycle, you pull over to the side of the road to enjoy the view and snap pictures – frequently.
3. You can “smell” so much more. My husband and I rode through a balsam-scented forest that we will never forget.
4. You can eat more terrific, regional food. Meals are guilt free because you will work off the calories.
5. Opportunity to make friends. Cyclists are a friendly group and often ride in packs.
6. You can spend all day outdoors.
7. Plenty of chances to connect with the local residents. Somehow the different languages were never a barrier.
8. The sense of accomplishment after riding several miles and taking that last hill feels great.
9. You might get a chance to ride the cobbles. Unlike the Tour de France, the stretch of cobbles is short and our speed is slow.
10. It is FUN. When I cycle, I feel like a kid again.

With the recent introduction of e-bikes that power you up hills, even non-cyclists can take a bicycling vacation. So pull out your old bicycle and start riding. Remember, you never forget how to ride a bike.